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As 2021 comes to a close we wanted to reflect on our journey as Durham Region's first creative arts incubator. Since embarking on this journey into building OPEN in 2019, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with talented artists, creatives, industry leaders, change makers and decision makers who have inspired us, supported our vision and only added to the fire under us to keep moving forward. 

Over the past two years we’ve held various town halls, panel discussions, networking nights, vision board parties, workshops and at each event we’ve listened. We’ve gathered, analyzed and reflected deeply on the feedback we’ve received and have used it as a basis from which to further hone in on OPEN’s direction and purpose.


It does not benefit anyone to keep this information to ourselves because if we're going to build Durham's creative community- we need everyone to be part of that journey. We consider our impact report as our organizations blueprint. We use them as our guide when making programming decisions, applying for grants and seeking sponsorship. Our reports are updated every 2 years using all the information we gather during that time. 


Have you read the report?

Reach out and tell us what you think! 

We can always use help building Durham's creative community. 

Want a PDF version emailed to you? Email HERE

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